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Global Math Week 2017: In Review
This guest post is written by Dr. James Tanton, Mathematician-at-Large, Mathematical Association of America. A global phenomenon in mathematics occurred in October of 2017. Over 1 million students and teachers from 168 countries and territories shared a common experience of joyous, uplifting, classroom-relevant mathematics. All was grassroots. All was volunteer. And all was...
By National Math Festival | December 04, 2017
Maximum storm surge heights were simulated for Hurricane Irene in 2011
Hurricane Math with Dr. Talea Mayo
In recognition of hurricane season, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) invited 2017 Festival presenter Dr. Talea L. Mayo to answer some of our questions about the math behind hurricanes. Mayo is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering at the University of Central Florida. She specializes in coastal...
By National Math Festival | October 02, 2017