MathPickle | National Math Festival


MathPickle’s primary objective is to get 13 curricular unsolved problems into classrooms worldwide — one for each grade K-12. A conference in November 2013 established the 13 unsolved problems. To aid with the dissemination of these awesome problems, MathPickle is looking at setting up a $1,000,000 reward — the prize money to be split between the person who solves the problem and their most inspirational K-12 educator.

2019 Festival

Julia Robinson Mathematics FestivalLearn and Play a Few Beautiful Board Games with Dr. Gord Hamilton of MathPickle

Dr. Gordon Hamilton is a board game and puzzle designer. He founded MathPickle in 2010 to inject new ideas into the classroom. There is nothing he enjoys more than stumping students and having them stump him. Gordon is the designer of the board game Santorini, which launched April 2016 with the largest ever Kickstarter for a strategy game.